Teami Super Digest Holistic Digestive Enzyme


Best Before: Jun 1, 2024

Finally, you can break up with that bloated, sluggish, and heavy feeling you get after your meals! Simply take 2 Super Digest capsules before your meal to help break down food and naturally ease tummy discomfort!

Formulated with 13 powerful enzymes combined with holistic superfoods like ginger, fennel, and apple cider vinegar to support regular digestion, reduce bloating, promote regularity and help you feel light!
It’s your perfect digestive enzyme–with an extra boost!

Super Ingredients:

• Digestive Enzyme: 13 powerful enzymes chosen to aid natural digestion
• Apple Cider Vinegar: Soothe inflammation & ease digestion
• Fennel: Calms digestion & inflammation
• Ginger Root: Gas prevention
• Papain: Breaks down proteins + aids nutrient absorption
• Bromelain: Aids with food breakdown
• Milk Thistle: Supports waste elimination


• Naturally helps break down food
• Reduce Bloating
• Promotes Regular Digestion
• Soothe Tummy Discomfort

Vegan, Gluten-free, non-GMO, Dairy/Soy Free


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