Teami Hormone Hero Mood Energy & Cycle 60 Ct


Best Before: June 1, 2024

Feeling all over the place and not quite yourself? Your hormones might need some daily TLC to get back on track!
Achieve hormonal serenity with just 2 capsules daily. We blended adaptogenic super-herbs to create a holistic approach to support your mood, energy, skin, and menstrual cycle.*

Super Ingredients:

• Ashwagandha Root – a centuries-old adaptogenic Ayurveda root that supports adrenals to modulate stress and anxiety.*
• Maca Root – a native Peruvian root vegetable used for centuries to promote overall health, balance hormonal transitions,    support mood and return inner harmony to the body.*
• Chasteberry – a superfruit that helps with PMS relief, fertility, and acne.*

Formulated for:

• Total Cycle Support*
• PMS relief*
• Helps with mood, irritability, and frustration*
• Reduce Day-to-Day Stress*
• Hormonal Acne + Skin*
• Hormonal Migraines*
• Energy Support*

Vegan, Gluten-free, non-GMO, and free from harmful fillers, colorants, and artificial preservatives

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