Under a sole-proprietorship, ADDS Merchandising was established in October 27, 1978 originally selling ready-to-wear merchandise, toys, and ladies accessories. The first store was located in the old Urdaneta Public Market which then branched to Alexander Street, Urdaneta City in January 20, 1981. It was then that the business name became ADDES Merchandising that started also to sell appliances and furniture. When the appliances and furniture business took off and far exceeded the sales of ready-to-wear merchandise, the latter was dropped from the business portfolio which consequently leads to the change in business name to ADDESA Trading in 1985.

In December 19, 1994, the company was incorporated and the business name became ADDESSA CORPORATION. The name has been adapted ever since. The company’s expansion programs were the reason for the founding of two companies, PAN APPLIANCE CORPORATION, and METRO ILOCOS APPLIANCE INCORPORATED.