Teami Facial Roller Rose Quarts


Promote smooth, radiant and glowing skin with our natural crystal tool!

Feel radiant, refreshed, and relaxed by using your new beauty tool – a Facial Roller! Facial rollers help massage your face to relieve tension, reduce the appearance of puffiness and leave your skin feeling renewed! This beautiful, natural crystal tool has a large and small stone that you gently roll over your face in an outwards direction for a relaxing facial massage. We chose to create our Facial Roller using Rose Quartz- known as “The Heart Stone”. Rose Quartz is known for its motherly nurturing qualities, promoting compassion, beauty, and universal love.

Benefits of using a Facial Roller: 
• Reduces the appearance of aging & fine lines
• Enhances the look of the contour areas
• Reduces feeling of puffiness and swelling
• Relaxes and calms the complexion
• Allows skincare products to penetrate deeper

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