Teami Mixit Portable Smoothie Blender


Your healthy lifestyle solution! Make superfood smoothies, juice and even baby food – ON THE GO!

Living a healthy lifestyle just got SO MUCH EASIER! Let’s be real, life is BUSY no matter what type of schedule you have! Whether you are a career professional, mama bear, student or a wellness advocate, you are always on the GO! We understand that living a healthy, balanced lifestyle while also being a busy bee / multi-tasker can be challenging- which is why we spent over 12 months perfecting our new Teami MIXit Portable Smoothie Blender! The

Teami MIXit is a USB rechargeable portable smoothie blender that allows you to make and take your smoothies + juice on the go! Just one press of a button and you’ll get your nutritious superfood smoothie in just 30 seconds! No mess, no spill and no need to plug into a power outlet! Convenient, cute and perfect for a busy, healthy lifestyle!

A few reasons our Teami MIXit is so special: 
• 18.6 OZ (550ml) Durable Glass Cup
• 6 Powerful Stainless Steel Blades for smooth blend.
• Convenient Sport Top
• Comfortable Rubber Strap for easy carry
• Blends Fruits, Herbs, Powders, Veggies and Ice
• Perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, juice and baby food
• Easy Cleaning – every part of our Teami MIXit is disassembled . Each piece disassembles for easy cleaning

Wattage: 200-240W 

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