Grocery Bundle L


An assortment of groceries to stock up your pantry. We’re making it safe and easy for you to get your essential grocery items with our Grocery Bundles. Save more when you buy in bundles like this!

• Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Sweet 500g
• Sky Flakes Reg Plastic 850g
• Datu Puti Soy Sauce 1L
• Datu Puti Vinegar 1L
• Datu Puti Oysterrific Oyster Sauce 70g
• Datu Puti Spiced Vinegar 350ml
• Chips Delight Peanut Caramel 160g
• Fibisco Choco Crunchies 200g
• Kopiko Coffee Brown Twin 10x53g
• Argentina Beef Loaf 150g
• Argentina Corned Chicken Regular 150g
• Knorr Liquid Seasoning Original 250ml
• Ricoa Flat Tops 100pcs
• 2x Super Q Golden Bihon 500g
• 3x Knorr Soup Cream of Mushroom 68g
• 3x Knorr Soup Crab & Corn 60g
• 5x 555 Tuna Flakes In Oil 155g

In the event that certain item/s become out of stock, Carlo Pacific reserves the right to substitute said item with a substitute of equivalent value. Customer will be informed of such substitution beforehand.

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