Grocery Bundle #9


A fully stocked pantry means there’s always something tasty to eat!

• 2x Aji Crispy Fry W/Gravy 102g
• 1x Ajinomoto Sarsaya Oystersauce 6x30g
• 1x Chips Delight Peanut Caramel 160g
• 1x Datu Puti Soy Sauce 350ml
• 1x Datu Puti Spiced Vinegar 350ml
• 1x Datu Puti Vinegar 385ml
• 1x Excellent Can-Bi (Canton Bihon) 600g
• 2x Knorr Mix Ginataang Gulay 29g
• 1x Knorr Mix Sinigang Sa Miso 12x23g
• 1x Knorr Soup Cream Of Mushroom 68g
• 1x Maggi Magic Sarap Seasoning 14x8g
• 1x Nescafe 3In1 Brown Twin 55g x 10
• 1x Ricoa Flat Tops 100pcs

Quantity: 17

In the event that certain item/s become out of stock, Carlo Pacific reserves the right to substitute said item with a substitute of equivalent value. Customer will be informed of such substitution beforehand.

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