Grocery Bundle #5


Stock up on pantry essentials to make it easier for you to prepare flavorful, complete meals at any time. 

• 1x Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Regular 500g
• 1x Barrio Fiesta Tubasuk 250ml
• 1x Knorr Liquid Seasoning Original 250ml
• 1x Kopiko Cffee Blanca Twin 10x52g
• 3x Ligo Carne Norte 175g
• 3x Ligo Sardines Green Easy Open 155g
• 1x Ligo Sardines Red 425g
• 3x Ligo Sardines Red Easy Open 155g
• 1x Knorr Soup Crab & Corn 60g
• 2x Knorr Mix Sinigang with Gabi 44g

Quantity: 17

In the event that certain item/s become out of stock, Carlo Pacific reserves the right to substitute said item with a substitute of equivalent value. Customer will be informed of such substitution beforehand.

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