Doctor’s Best Fully Active Folate 90 Veggie Caps


Helps support healthy mental and emotional well-being

Folate is an important B vitamin found in leafy greens that promotes healthy mood, memory and circulation and is important for human growth and development.

Doctor’s Best Fully Active Folate 400 with Quatrefolic®️ contains Quatrefolic®, the glucosamine salt of (6s)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, the most bioavailable from folate, the provides greater stability and water solubility.

Our bodies cannot synthesize folate and due to its water-soluble nature, the body stores folate to a limited extent. Folic acid, and food folate, needs to be converted to its metabolically active form to be utilized by the body. Quatrefolic® is the metabolically active folate, making it more efficient than folic acid for maximized benefits!

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