Doctor’s Best Doc’s Kids Children’s Vitamin D3 60 GUMMIES


Just one Doctor’s Best Vitamin D3 Kids Gummy can help your children grow strong bones and teeth. It’s important that kids get a daily dose of the “sunshine vitamin”. Nearly every part of our body has a vitamin D receptor including skin, cartilage, heart, bone tissue, and the immune system. Converted naturally by our skin from sunlight, Vitamin D3 is a key nutrient in absorbing calcium and regulates calcium metabolism helping young bodies grow. In great-tasting natural fruit flavors, strawberry, peach and mango.

• Science-Based Nutrition™
• Dietary Supplement
• Vegetarian
• Gluten Free
• Gelatin Free
• Natural Flavors & Colors
• Helps Support Healthy Bone Growth and Structure
• Enhances and Regulates Immune Function

Ships from the US in 7-14 days.