CP Adlai

 200.00 310.00

Healthier Rice Alternative
Superfood Grain | Vegan | Gluten-Free

Naturally-grown by farmers from Bukidnon, Philippines

Adlai is packed with essential amino acids, fiber, protein and potassium. Also known as Job’s Tears, it is anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar level and protects the gut.

Adlai, with its chewy, unique nutty-flavored larger grains, is full of vital nutrients; a perfect energy booster that is an economical quinoa substitute. This grain is widely used by the Indigenous People of Bukidnon, Philippines, for food and medicine.

Great on soups, healthy salad bowls, champorado (chocolate porridge), kakanin (rice cakes), and adlai soup (in replace of barley soup). For more ideas on great recipes, go to ph.carlopacific.com/recipes.

16 servings per bag
Serving Size 1 cup (160g)