CP Adlai + Ybarra Extra Virgin Olive Oil


CP Adlai 1kg
Adlai is packed with essential amino acids, fiber, protein and potassium. Also known as Job’s Tears, it is anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar level and protects the gut.

Adlai, with its chewy, unique nutty-flavored larger grains, is full of vital nutrients; a perfect energy booster that is an economical quinoa substitute. This grain is widely used by the Indigenous People of Bukidnon, Philippines, for food and medicine.

Ybarra Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
Ybarra selects the best olives and controls every process of the press of oil. This oil has an attractively sweet finish and medium pepper after taste. Suitable for dressing and cooking, its mildness enhances your daily recipes without overshadowing their original flavour.

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